Aysgarth Falls: Site of a Slippery Duel

England: Robin Hood - Prince of ThievesAysgarth Falls: Site of a Slippery Duel


Nestled within the Wensleydale forest along the River Ure in North Yorkshire lies the descending flight of waterfalls that form an iconic rocky staircase in the rustic English countryside. 

There is particularly good access to the Aysgarth Falls with carved out paths to both the lower and middle falls. The upper falls require some agile footwork to traverse the terrain. To encounter the raw power of the Aysgarth Falls try and view them after some heavy English rain to see what the cast and crew in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves had to deal with. 


Key Scenes

The Aysgarth Falls act as the watery battle ground where Robin (played by Kevin Costner) confronts Little John. The two woodsmen take up wooden staffs and set about duelling.

There are some sweeping shots that show how miniscule Robin and Little John are on the flight of waterfalls as they battle along the descending levels dragging themselves through the knee-deep water. 



The Aysgarth Falls form part of the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

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Aysgarth Falls: Site of a Slippery Duel

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