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Since early 2018, fans of Sweden's most famous criminal investigator Kurt Wallander can visit the Ystad Studios for a glimpse into the world of fictional crime. Henning Mankell's deeply fallible character inspired two TV shows - the Swedish Wallander and the more famous British version starring Kenneth Branagh. Both shows were filmed in and around the city of Ystad.

The visitor centre exhibits a number of film sets, and incredibly everything has been built from recycled materials. Visitors can try their hands at making a stop-motion film, don various film costumes or relax in a reading room dedicated to the author Henning Mankell.

Our top three must see attractions (plus one for kids):

1. Kurt Wallander's apartment from the Swedish TV show

2. Kurt Wallander's office from the British TV show

3. Saga Norén's costume from the Swedish TV show The Bridge

4. Our daughter Lena's top choice: the spaceship from a Swedish children's TV show called The Milky Way.

Stefan Roesch

Lena got us safely back to Earth.

Lena got us safely back to Earth.






Further information about Ystad Studios can be found on their website.

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