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What's the most iconic location in Longmire? It's Walter Longmire's log cabin, located at Valles Caldera National Preserve on New Mexico Highway 4, 16 miles west of Los Alamos.

Wide open grasslands dominate the preserve.

Wide open grasslands dominate the preserve.

The cabin, and its gorgeous panoramic view, have appeared in practically every episode of Longmire. As a unit of the National Park Service, the Caldera has an entrance fee and some specific rules. You will need a free backcountry permit to visit the cabin. Entrance to the cabin is not permitted, but you can walk right up to it and all around it.

In Season 4, Episode 3: High Noon, Sheriff Walt Longmire (standing) and longtime adversary Barlow Connolly come to blows.

Our guest author Chad Coppess on location.

Our guest author Chad Coppess on location.

The mailing address of the Valles Caldera National Preserve is Jemez Springs, but don't be confused. Jemez Springs is actually 21 miles further west.

Watch out for wildlife! The day we visited, a bull elk ran across the valley and disappeared into the forest on the west. Prairie dogs chirped and bluebirds flitted all around us.

Full visitor information to the Caldera is available here.

The view from Walt’s porch is simply stunning.

The view from Walt’s porch is simply stunning.

Text and location photos were provided by Chad and Lisa Coppess who run an awesome Longmire Locations page on Facebook.

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Robert Taylor stars as the charismatic, dedicated and unflappable Wyoming sheriff Walt Longmire in this contemporary crime thriller based on the best-selling mystery novels. Struggling since his wife’s death and at the urging of his daughter, Longmire knows that the time has come to turn his life around. With the help of a female deputy new to the department, he becomes reinvigorated about his job.


The map pin marks the exact spot of the cabin.

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