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Hopper and Eleven's cabin in the woods was purpose-built for all the exterior shots used in Season 2 and 3 of Stranger Things. What's truly awesome is that the filmmakers left the construction untouched and fans can visit it - although you'll have to pay an entrance fee.

The cabin is located on the privately-run Sleepy Hollow Farm, where the scenes featuring the rotting Pumpkin Patch in Season 2 were also filmed. In that case, the entrance fee will allow you to see two key locations from the show.

And for those of you who are a bit more adventurous, you can even book a Stranger Things-themed Escape Adventure where you can explore Hopper's cabin, decipher clues, unlock doors, and figure out how to escape before time runs out! Do bear in mind though, that all the interior shots of the cabin were actually done in a studio.

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About the Story - Season 2:

It's 1984 and the citizens of Hawkins, Indiana are still reeling from the horrors of the Demogorgon and the secrets of Hawkins Lab. Will Byers has been rescued from the Upside Down but a bigger, sinister entity still threatens those who survived.


The address for Sleepy Hollow Farm is 628 Sleepy Hollow Road, Powder Springs, 30127.

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