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The museum was established in 1915 with the purpose of showcasing Danish shipping history from the 15th century to the present day. In 2013 it moved to a new location, below ground around a former dry dock, in order to protect the view of nearby Kronborg Castle (which was incidently the model for Elsinore in Hamlet).

The modern Maritime Museum provided the filmmakers of The Rain with the perfect setting for the Apollon HQ in Season 1.

The overall design resembles the deck of a ship with plenty of empty space that is crossed by ramps and bridges, providing access to the museum and the exhibition areas.

Facilities include workshop spaces, conference venues and a café.

The maritime collection houses model ships, several thousand paintings and photographs of virtually every Danish ship since 1880.

Key Scenes

In The Rain the Apollon HQ lies in a valley protected by cliffs all around. CGI magic.

Rasmus, Simone, Martin, Patrick and Lea are taken prisoner by Apollon and summoned to the headquarters.

Here, they meet Simone's father, Dr. Frederik Andersen.

Dr. Andersen tells Simone that they will need to access Rasmus' brain and bone marrow, which means he has to die.


Season1, Episode 8: Trust Your Instincts

Arriving at Apollon headquarters, the group is separated. Rasmus and Simone meet their father while Martin, Patrick and Lea wait in a bunker. Simone's father, Dr. Andersen, tells her, they will need to access Rasmus' brain and bone marrow, killing him. When a doctor taking a swab from Rasmus is infected and dies, Dr. Andersen realizes the virus has mutated and that Rasmus is now a carrier, needing to be stopped to save the world (source: Wikipedia).

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The address is Ny Kronborgvej 1, 3000 Helsingør, Denmark.

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