Leitrim Lodge: The Lands North of Winterfell

Northern Ireland: Game of ThronesLeitrim Lodge: The Lands North of Winterfell

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Leitrim Lodge is located on the western side of the Mourne Mountains. The highest peak of the Mournes is Eagle Mountain, standing at 638 metres above sea level. The area boasts an array of formidable walking trails and might well become Northern Ireland's first national park.

Should you head out on a longer walk, bring waterproof and windproof clothing, sturdy boots and enough food and water for the day.

Key Scenes

After Theon's successful attack on Castle Winterfell, Bran and Rickon Stark, together with Osha and Hodor, flee from the scene and make their way north towards Castle Black where they hope to meet John Snow (Season 3, Episode 2: Dark Wings, Dark Words).

More information on Northern Ireland's Game of Thrones locations can be found on Tourism Northern Ireland's official website, or via Northern Ireland Screen's free location app, which is available on IOS and Android.



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