Elephant Rocks: Archery Range

New Zealand: The Lion, the Witch and the WardrobeElephant Rocks: Archery Range

The Lion, the Witch and the WardrobeFilm Location

Roughly covering an area of about 200 metres in diameter, these limestone formations were formed in the Oligocene, which dates back 33 to 23 million years before the present. Limestone is very prone to erosion from wind and weather, which is why most of the rocks are dotted with pockmarks.

Beware of the sheep droppings.

Beware of the sheep droppings.

Despite their name, we couldn't make out any elephant-shaded formations during our visit. What we did encounter, however, were loads of sheep droppings (plus the odd sheep) and a long-drop toilet in an impossibly cool location.

How about that.

How about that.

Although on private farmland, access to the site is permitted.

Key Scenes

Contrary to most sources on the internet, the main scenes of Aslan's Camp were filmed at nearby Anatini. The Elephant Rocks only feature in some of the smaller scenes within that sequence. In particular, this is where Susan practices her archery skills on fixed targets.

Susan Pevensie and her little sister Lucy.

Susan Pevensie and her little sister Lucy.




The Elephant Rocks are located on Island Cliff Duntroon Road and clearly signposted. Park your car along the road and access the site through the wooden gate on your left (northfacing).

Travel Tips

The nearby town of Oamaru has a lovely historic precinct made from white limestone. It's a great place to browse through the various antiquity shops and have a beer at the local craft brewery.

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