Quintin Bay: Stokeworth

Northern Ireland: Game of ThronesQuintin Bay: Stokeworth


Quintin Bay is home to Quintin Castle, which was built in 1184 by John de Courcy and is one of the very few privately inhabited castles in Ireland. While it is not possible to enter the castle, Quintin Beach (the actual filming location) is open to the public. 





Key Scenes

Quintin Bay serves as Ser Bronn's temporary home of Stokeworth. Jamie Lannister pays Bronn a visit to persuade him to accompany him to Dorne in order to return Myrcella to King's Landing, promising him a much better castle - and a much better wife - upon their return (Season 5, Episode 2: The House of Black and White).

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While the castle is off limits to the public, the beach location is easily accessible on foot.

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Quintin Bay: Stokeworth

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