London Natural History Museum: Millicent's Lair

England: PaddingtonLondon Natural History Museum: Millicent's Lair


With its jagged exterior and symmetrical interior, London's Natural History Museum looms on Cromwell Road in Kensington as one of Britain's architectural and natural science centrepieces. 

Highlights of the museum include Hintze Hall which houses the outstretched remains of the Diplodocus dinosaur. Other displays range from the first Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil ever found to exhibits showing the power of volcanoes.

Key Scenes

Every child's worst nightmare is to be left wandering the eerie corridors of a museum long after closing time. In the 2014 film Paddington, the audience encounter the villain of the film - Millicent (played by Nicole Kidman) - tinkering in her office at night. She is the director and taxidermist of the establishment.

Millicent is introduced with sweeping shots showing the Romanesque Gothic exterior of the museum. The film then follows Grant (Millicent's delivery lad) who is seen wandering through the Hintze Hall where the renowned skeleton of the Diplodocus stands guard.  



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London Natural History Museum: Millicent's Lair

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