Karekare Beach, New Zealand: The Piano

New Zealand: The PianoKarekare Beach: Arriving in a Foreign Land


The black sands of Karekare Beach, which lies about 35 kilometres east of Auckland, are derived from volcanic rocks further inland. Near the beach, three streams converge via a series of cascades, making the beach a very picturesque spot for a day out. In 1993, Karekare became world famous, when Jane Campion's internationally acclaimed movie The Piano put it on the tourist map.

Key Scenes

Karekare features in the most pivotal scene in the movie, which shows Ada McGrath and her daughter Flora landing on the black-sanded beach, together with their beloved piano. 

The scenes of Ada playing her piano in full Victorian widow's attire, and young Flora dancing with her angel wings in her white dress on the beach are amonst the most iconic of the film.



Travel Tips

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Karekare Beach, New Zealand: The Piano

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