Inch Abbey: Robb Stark's Camp in the Riverlands

Northern Ireland: Game of ThronesInch Abbey: Robb Stark's Camp in the Riverlands


The abbey was founded in 1180 by John de Courcy, sitting on an island accessed by a causeway, sitting between the River Quoile and an extensive marshland to the north. The majestic Downpatrick Cathedral, burial place of St. Patrick, can be seen in the distance.

The grounds can be very wet and sturdy shoes are advisable.

Key Scenes

Amongst the ruins of Inch Abbey, Robb Stark's army sets up camp near Riverrun. After winning the Battle of the Whispering Wood and the capture of Jaime Lannister, Robb learns through his mother Catelyn of his father's execution at King's Landing. The Houses of the North and the Riverlands swear his allegiance to Robb, "The King of the North", marking the beginning of the War of the Five Kings (Episode 10, Season 1: Fire and Blood).

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Turn off Belfast Road into Inch Abbey Road. Turn right into a narrow no-exit road, where there is a small car park. Entrance to the site is free.

Travel Tips

From Inch Abbey, it is only a short drive to Down Cathedral in Downpatrick, burial place of Ireland's patron saint St. Patrick. Down Cathedral is open to the public every day except Sundays.

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Inch Abbey: Robb Stark's Camp in the Riverlands

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