Cushendun Cave: below Storm's End

Northern Ireland: Game of ThronesCushendun Cave: below Storm's End


Cushendun has long been safe harbour for seafarers, centuries before the village with the same name was established at the mouth of the River Dun. The nearby caves, easily accessible by foot, were formed over 400 million years ago.

Key Scenes

Stannis Baratheon orders Davos Seaworth to smuggle the red priestess Melisandre into a cave below Renly Baratheon's camp. To Davos' horror, Melisandre gives birth to a dark shadow, which creeps into the camp and kills Renly (Season 2, Episode 4: Garden of Bones).

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The track to the caves starts on the eastern side of the river Dun.

Travel Tips

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Cushendun Cave: below Storm's End

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