Broad Bay: The Harbourmaster's House

New Zealand: The Light Between OceansBroad Bay: The Harbourmaster's House


The Harbourmaster’s house is an iconic location from The Light Between Oceans. In the film we see a gorgeous Edwardian villa perched on an inlet, the entrance marked by a pergola with an abundance of draping purple wisteria. In fact, it’s so pretty you’d assume there must be a fair bit of movie-magic involved in its creation – but you’d be wrong.

Take the winding coast road out to stunning Broad Bay and see Fletcher House for yourself - there’s not been much ‘top-dressing’ involved in the creation of this set.

As Fletcher House is only open on Saturday and Sunday (as well as public holidays), if you're there on the weekend you could venture inside and you might recognise the heavy lace curtains from the dining scene in which Isabel and Tom sneak glimpses of one another across the table.


Key Scenes

As the iconic Harbourmaster's house, this is the childhood home of Isabel Graysmark (Alicia Vikander), daughter of the Harbourmaster and the place where Tom Sherbourne (Michael Fassbender) and Isabel are formerly introduced - they had already spied one another earlier as Isabel was feeding seagulls on the pier.



Travel Tips

After your trip to Fletcher House, you might want to head out to another lighthouse – not the one on Janus, obviously – but instead perched at the end of Taiaroa Head and home to a rare colony of Royal Albatross.

Lighthouse and Albatross at Taiaroa Head

Lighthouse and Albatross at Taiaroa Head




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Broad Bay: The Harbourmaster's House

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