Anatini: Aslan's Camp

New Zealand: The Lion, the Witch and the WardrobeAnatini: Aslan's Camp


Anatini lies in the Waitaki Valley in North Otago on New Zealand's South Island. The name stems from Maori and means 'many caves'. About 23 to 28 million years ago, the entire region was at the bottom of a shallow sea, which has resulted in the numerous limestone formations and caves that can be seen throughout the area today.

The main drawcard of the Anatini site itself is the fossil of an ancient baleen whale, that partly protrudes from a limestone cliff face and can be viewed under a plexiglass dome. The fossil exhibit is on private farmland, but the landowners have long since granted access rights to the public.

Filming took place in November 2004, but the farmers had to move their stock away eight months prior so that the grass would look natural and ungrazed for the shoot. The Arts Department set up around a dozen colourful tents in the little canyon beneath the fossil site and created a false rock plateau which formed the base for Aslan's main tent.

The actual shoot took about two weeks, and there were around 600 people on set.


Key Scenes

As the three Pevensie children Peter, Susan and Lucy near Aslan's Camp, a centaur announces their arrival by blowing a horn.

The whole camp gathers to watch the children approach Aslan's tent. Susan wonders "Why are they all staring at us?" Her little sister Lucy replies: "Maybe they think you look funny." The crowd gathers around and waits for Aslan to make his appearance.

Peter demands: "We have come to see Aslan".

Peter demands: "We have come to see Aslan".

Nothing stirs, as the massive paws of a giant lion appear between the tent flaps - Aslan has answered the call.

Aslan: "Welcome Peter, Son of Adam. Welcome, Susan and Lucy, Daughters of Eve. But where is the fourth?"

Aslan: "Welcome Peter, Son of Adam. Welcome, Susan and Lucy, Daughters of Eve. But where is the fourth?"



Access to the location is from 242 Duntroon Island Cliff Road. Park your car in the little car park on the left hand side of the road and follow the track next to the gravel road on your left. A bit further down is a signpost "Vanished World Heritage Trail", pointing to a track on the right. Follow that path down into the little limestone canyon, where you can find the whale fossil exhibit, and at the bottom of the slope, the location of Aslan's Camp.

The viewpoint is at S44° 54' 3.983" / E170° 39' 12.065" or -44.90110646481463 / 170.65335141255036.



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Anatini: Aslan's Camp

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